Charles H. Pabst Biography


Early Life
A native of Santa Clara, California, Charles H. Pabst was the first of two children born to Edwin & Leota Pabst. His family had an appreciation for all things cultural – art, music and theater, and at an early age Charles picked up his grandmother’s watercolor paints and began painting what he saw.

As a young boy, his family traveled extensively, and their interest in travel helped develop young Charles’ fascination with the beauty of the outdoors. Charles continues to travel around the world, studying the landscapes and culture of the people, taking photographs of different scenes that capture his interest. Every year he picks a new destination to explore.
Young ChuckLife as an Artist
Raised in northern California, his early influence was from such painters as Russell Swan, a marine artist that painted Monterey Wharf and Cannery Row. During a trip to the Grand Canyon when he was twelve, Charles became captivated with the Southwest and knew that he would return someday. He came back to Arizona to study art at Arizona State University, where he received his degree in Fine Arts. He still lives in Arizona.

While pursuing his Fine Arts degree, his first reckoning with a will greater than his own occurred. The experience left Charles transformed in his faith. For the first time he had an inkling of the satisfaction derived from weaving his determination with one more powerful to form a deeply meaningful satisfaction. This new awareness matured him, as his faith became the focal point of his life. He intensely believed God not only wanted him to be an artist, but a very good artist, able to paint magnificent examples of His creation for people to enjoy.



Family Family-at-the-beach web
During his college years, Charles met and fell in love with a green-eyed brunette. Christine Gose, from Las Cruces, New Mexico, was studying to become a nurse. After both had completed their studies at ASU, they married in 1973. Mark was born in 1974. Joined by Michael, in 1976 and Cara in 1978. The first three are grown now with families of their own. The younger two, Elizabeth and Danny are attending are full-time college students. Charles and Christine have always kept their family the center of their life, now including eighteen grandchildren. Family vacations are a regular event, especially at the beach. In recent years, it has given him great joy to be able to watch two of his children, Michael and Cara, develop their artistic careers with much success. Charles loves to relax watching football and playing golf.three laughing





Palette knife webProcess
Charles likes to keep his paints clean by using two pallets. He will keep his paints on one, and mix on the other. He uses a combination of pallet knife and brush. Typically he’ll lay in the entire painting’s background and sky first. Then he has to let that dry before he lays in the foreground. It may be days or months later before he gets back to it. He finishes it off with highlights of light and shadow to bring out the drama in the picture.