Saturday, January 23rd, 2016, Old-Town Scottsdale, The Signature Gallery celebrates the Pabst family of artists, “A Family Legacy” with new artwork, refreshments, and live music.  For one special evening on Saturday, January 23rd, from 4-7pm, Charles, Cara, and Michael will be present together in The Signature Gallery, 7177 E. Main St.,in Scottsdale, to showcase new works of art, sign books, and meet with collectors.

2014 marked the 50th year of painting for renowned artist, Charles Pabst, who sold his first painting at the age of 14. An evening event was hosted at The Signature Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, where hundreds of his collectors attended to celebrate this extraordinary milestone with him.

As a young father, Charles Pabst noticed the inborn talent of daughter, Cara Pabst Moran, and son, Michael Pabst, and mentored them in painting at an early age. Now both grown adults with children of their own, artists Cara and Michael share gallery space and accolades next to their father.


“Sunrise Saguaro” by Cara Pabst Moran

Like their father, both Cara and Michael began painting as soon as they could hold a palette knife.  The palette knife, unlike the brush, could build up a unique thick texture with oil paint, a signature style both Cara and Michael fell in love with after growing up watching their father use it with mastery.

The Pabst family is a tight knit clan. Charles and wife, Christine Pabst, have five children, and the three oldest, Cara, Michael, and Mark, each have 6 children of their own. With Charles, Cara and Michael focused on painting, Christine and Mark Pabst manage the business interests of their 3 galleries (Besides Scottsdale they have one in Laguna Beach, CA and one in Santa Fe, NM).  Charles and Christine’s two youngest children are now out of college and also assist at the studio whenever they can.  Besides their five children, they have a team of employees they consider to be part of their extended family.


“Monument Glow” by Charles Pabst

With family at the center of Charles Pabst’s life, the clan, which includes his five children, their spouses, and his 19 grandchildren, spends a lot of time creating memories by exploring in the great outdoors. These family adventures through nature are the source of Charles’, Cara’s and Michael’s greatest artistic inspirations.  These charming moments of pure joy can be seen captured in every work of art they have painted.


“Aspen Light II” by Michael Pabst